Standard breakfast stuff  2-egg breakfast - 2 eggs with bacon, home fries, & a homemade biscuit.  6.50 3-egg breakfast - Same as above but with 3 eggs, duh!  7.50 Pancakes - Plain, or with your choice of bananas, candied pecans, chocolate chips or blueberries ($1.50 extra).  8.00 Belgian Waffle - The round kind, like they have in Belgia.  7.50  French toast - Thick cut brioche straight from Le Bus Bakery.  10.00  The above are served with bacon & home fries, but you can always substitute fresh fruit for $2 extra.   way cooler breakfast stuff  Juevos Rancheros - Dos juevos con papas, frijoles, y salsa de la casa, which translates to 2 eggs with potatoes & beans with house-made salsa.  7.50 Eggs Benedict - If you need a lengthy description your server would be happy to give you one.  8.50 Creamed Chipped Beef - yeah, yeah, yeah, we know the diner slang for it.  8.50 Monte Cristo - Turkey, ham & swiss between our awesome french toast.  10.00   Omelettes  western omelet - Ham, onions & bell peppers folded up in a nice egg blanket. 8.00 meat & cheese omelet - Meaty & cheesy… just like our chef.  8.00 mushroom omelet - Fresh sautéed mushrooms & that cheese with the holes.  9.00 cheese omelet - You pick the cheese, we’ll pick the eggs.  7.25 veggie omelet - Veggielicious! Veggietastic!  Uhh, it has vegetables, we think that covers it.  8.00 spinach, tomato & feta omelet - Exactly what it says.  8.00 mexican omelet - Celbollas, queso, y… um, how do you say chili in Spanish?  9.25   All omelets are 3 eggs & served with home fries & a homemade biscuit, but, remember about the fresh fruit?  You can substitute it for $2 extra?   Geez, good thing you aren’t getting tested on this.   breakfast sandwiches  BREAKFAST BURRITO - Eggs, sausage, onions, peppers & cheddar burrito-ized.  8.50 BACON, EGG & CHEESE SANDWICH - We’ll work this one out together.  8.25 SAUSAGE, EGG & CHEESE SANDWICH - Like the bacon egg & cheese sandwich but with sausage.  8.25 SCRAPPLE, EGG & CHEESE SANDWICH - Like the sausage egg & cheese sandwich but with...really, you’re still reading this?  8.00   All sandwiches are served with home fries but there was something about fresh fruit.  Ask your server.
Sides - bacon, 3.50 home fries, 2.00 bagel, 2.50 sausage, 3.50 grits, 2.00 english muffin, 2.00 scrapple, 3.00 toast, 1.75 french fries, 2.00 lucky’s sticky bun, 4.50 turkey sausage, 3.00 homemade biscuits, 2.00 canadian bacon, 3.00 cup of fresh fruit, 3.50 eating at lucky’s, priceless. Drinks - coffee, 1.75 iced tea, 1.75 mango iced tea, 1.75 cappuccino, 2.75 espresso, 2.25 fresh squeezed oj, 2.25 juice, 1.75 hot tea, 1.75 hot chocolate, 2.50 soda, 1.75 milk, 1.75 chocolate milk, 2.00 french press, 3.00  We proudly brew fresh ground coffee from Pike Creek Coffee Roasterie, a terrific local business
appetizers  Onion Rings - Served with our super amazing dipping sauce.  7.50 Chicken Fingers - Hand-cut right here in our kitchen.  That’s right, we hired ninja cooks.  8.00 Pierogies - A staple dish of Eastern Europe & Mrs. T.  7.50 Quesadilla - Southwestern chicken with sautéed onions, peppers, & cheddar drizzled with avocado ranch. 10.00 VEGETABLE Pot Stickers - Crispy stickers served with a sweet Thai chili sauce.  8.50 Pretzels - Baked fresh to order & served with our house spicy mustard. They are AWESOME!!!!!  8.00   soups & salads  Soup du Jour - That’s the soup of the day.  6.00 Chili - The meaty kind.  6.00 House Salad - Just your garden-variety salad (pun intended).  6.00 Chef Salad - Fresh greens topped with ham, turkey, tomatoes, onions, carrots, cucumbers, Swiss, & hard boiled egg.    9.50 Taco Salad - Shredded lettuce, black beans, tomato, onion, seasoned chicken, avocado, salsa & sour cream served in a tortilla bowl.   11.00 Asian Chicken Salad - Grilled chicken over Asian greens with carrots, red bell peppers & sprouts served with peanut-ginger dressing.  10.00 Spinach Salad - Fresh baby spinach, candied pecans, dried cranberries, red onion, crumbled feta, drizzled with apple cider vinaigrette.  9.00   sandwiches  Turkey club - All the stuff that goes on a turkey club, but now it’s new & improved with cranberry-garlic aioli.  9.50 Chicken Salad - Have it as a sandwich with fries or as a platter with lettuce, tomato, seasonal fruit & grilled ciabatta croutons. Platter 9.50 Sandwich 8.50 Tuna salad - The chicken salad of the sea. Platter 9.50 Sandwich 8.50 Tuna Melt - A diner classic!  Tuna salad open-faced on an English muffin with swiss & sliced tomato.  9.00 Reuben - Lucky’s famous Reuben. Well, locally famous, but it should be world famous. Grilled corned beef, swiss cheese, & cole slaw on grilled marble rye. 9.50 Vegetarian Wrap - Refried black beans with crumbled feta, lettuce, tomato, & red onion served in a, you guessed it, wrap!  8.00 Meatloaf Sandwich - With sautéed onions, swiss cheese & garlic mayo on grilled ciabatta. Yeah, it's as good as it sounds. 10.00 Spicy Chicken Sandwich - Buffalo style chicken breast with lettuce & tomato, Pepper Jack cheese & the chef’s own hot sauce. 9.50 BLT -  Really?  You’re looking for a description of this?  7.50 Chicken Pesto Wrap - Pulled chicken with pesto mayonnaise, spinach & roasted red peppers.  7.50 1/2 Sandwich & Cup of Soup - Your choice of our blt, chicken salad, or tuna salad sandwiches & a cup of soup du jour.  7.50 French Dip - Tender roast beef in au jus on grilled ciabatta with melted swiss & sautéed onion.  9.50 Ham & Cheese - Sliced ham, pepper jack, lettuce, tomato, & our sweet & spicy mustard on a grilled pretzel roll.  9.00  Served with hand-cut French fries BUT you can substitute fresh fruit for $2 extra.   burgers  Hamburger - Lucky’s special chuck blend seared to perfection & served on a Le Bus brioche bun.  8.50 Cheese Burger - Same as above but with cheese, duh!  9.25 Bacon Cheese Burger - Same as above but, with bacon. Ya pickin up on this?  10.00 Everything Burger - Everything from every burger above & sautéed mushrooms & sautéed onions & bbq sauce.  11.50 Lucky Melt - Grilled cheese meets burger with sautéed onions & Russian dressing on marble rye, mmmmmmm!  10.50 Turkey Burger - A healthier alternative… well, not so much for the turkey. Topped with lettuce, tomato, bacon, & avocado.  9.25 Veggie Burger - Like a hamburger that your vegetarian friend won’t judge you for eating.  9.00  All burgers come with lettuce, tomato, onion, & a side of hand-cut French fries, but you can always substitute fresh fruit for $2 extra.  Whoa, déjà vu!   entrees  Balsamic Chicken - Lightly breaded chicken breast topped with our homemade balsamic marinade, mozzarella cheese, tomato & fresh basil.  12.50 Country Fried Steak - A favorite of southerners everywhere. Smothered in the chef’s secret family recipe pepper gravy. 13.00 Pork Chop - Apple cider glazed chops served over our home made stuffing with the vegetable of the day. It’s good eatin, trust us.  16.00 Meatloaf - Sliced loaf of meat is probably the best thing since sliced loaf of bread.  12.50 Pot Roast - Now accepting humorous menu descriptions to  make us look witty. Seriously though, its slow roasted, homemade, & totally awesome!  14.00 Fish & Chips - Blimey!  On to Spawny’s caff for a spiffing nosh up straight away.  Uhhhhh … we’ve got no idea what that means either.  13.00 Turkey Platter - Just like Thanksgiving but without the turkey handprint drawings on the fridge.  13.00 Blue Plate Special - It's what the chef wanted for dinner.  MP Fish of the Day - It's what the chef wanted for dinner if he wanted fish.  MP